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The Top 10 Most Stolen Cars in America

One of the main fears of all auto owners is to come to the parking lot and not find the car left there. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), every 32 seconds, a car is being stolen in the U.S. Although the statistics look scary, thieves target certain autos more frequently than others. Older cars are being generally stolen more often than new ones due to less robust anti-theft systems. 

However, the risk depends also on the vehicle’s model. To decide what auto to choose, if you are just thinking about its purchase or evaluating the chances of your current vehicle getting stolen, read our rating of the 10 most stolen cars in America.

How Common Is Car Theft in America? 

As demonstrated by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) report, the vehicle theft number is at an almost record level. Nearly 500,000 crimes were committed by car thieves in 2023, which is two percent more compared to 2022. Here, the states with the highest auto theft numbers are Illinois (38%), New York (20%), and Ohio (15%).

Unfortunately, choosing other states to live in is not enough to protect yourself from car thieves. The security of your neighborhood, property, and, of course, the kind of vehicle play a crucial role in the issue. 

What Are the Most Stolen Cars in the U.S.? 

As a rule, car thieves have favorite vehicles, which are stolen the most often. Here, everyone has their own criteria: for some individuals, expensive parts of the auto are deciding; for others, the simplicity of committing a crime is more important than anything else. 

If an owner leaves their automobile running in their driveway or parking lot and leaves the keys inside, it is considerably easier for them to lose their car. According to a National Insurance Crime Bureau report, 37% of car thefts take place in these locations. 

In addition to the riskiest places to park your auto, there were discovered the most stolen car models:

the 10 most stolen cars in america

Below, all these most stolen vehicles are described in more detail, with the features making them attractive to criminals. 

#1. Chevrolet Pickup

Most Stolen Cars in America - Chevrolet Pickup

Chevrolet pickups have the highest theft rate in 2022, and they, along with Ford pickups, make up more than one-fourth of all reported cases of auto thefts. More than 49,000 Chevrolet pickup thefts were reported that year, which means 886 stolen trucks per 100,000 vehicles. 

The main reason why this car model is a target for thieves is its popularity. In 2022, more than 513,000 Chevrolet Silverado pickups were sold. The huge number of the same cars on the road makes it more challenging to find a stolen vehicle. 

Criminalists often choose the 2004 model due to the lack of sophisticated anti-theft systems. Stealing newer cars is usually more complicated for this reason. 

  • Most stolen model year: 2004;
  • Auto theft number: 49,900;
  • Vehicle theft rate per 100,000 cars: 886. 

#2. Ford Pickup

Most Stolen Cars in America - Ford Pickup

In terms of both theft and sales, the Ford Pickup is the second most popular car model in the United States. In 2022, there were 653,957 full-size truck sales, yet nearly 50,000 of those autos got in the criminals’ hands.  2006 was the year with the most stolen car model. This Ford Pickup is a great target since the ignition switches are under the steering column, and the door handles are simple to detach. 

  • Most stolen model year: 2006;
  • Auto theft number: 48,175;
  • Vehicle theft rate per 100,000 cars: 604. 

#3. Honda Civic

Most Stolen Cars in America - Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is another well-known auto model in the U.S. that is especially popular in California. Like other Hondas, few security features affect the theft number of this vehicle. However, since 2001, Civic keys have been made with secure chips, which has helped reduce the number of car thefts. 

Unlike other autos, the Honda Civic is generally interesting for car thieves because of its particular details, such as airbags, instead of the car itself. They can be sold for up to $200, which is a good deal for criminals. 

  • Most stolen model year: 2000;
  • Auto theft number: 27,113;
  • Vehicle theft rate per 100,000 cars: 310.

#4. Honda Accord

Most Stolen Cars in America - Honda Accord

1997 was the last year when the Honda Accord did not have anti-theft immobilizer technology, which made it a great target. This one of the most often bought cars in the U.S. was incredibly easy to steal until anti-theft updates were created. However, even now, you can see a lot of 1997 Honda Accord cars on the roads, some of which may be stolen. Car thieves still choose this model to make money by selling its details on the black market. 

  • Most stolen model year: 1997;
  • Auto theft number: 27,089;
  • Vehicle theft rate per 100,000 cars: 281.

#5. GMC Full-Size Pickup

Most Stolen Cars in America - GMC Full-Size Pickup

These American full-size pickup trucks are loved for their huge sizes, powerful engines, and other outstanding features. However, a GMC pickup is a popular car not only among buyers but also among numerous criminals who stole over 16,660 vehicles in 2022. Most thieves choose the 2005 year model. 

  • Most stolen model year: 2005;
  • Auto theft number: 16,662;
  • Vehicle theft rate per 100,000 cars: 856.

#6. Hyundai Sonata

Most Stolen Cars in America - Hyundai Sonata

To protect its clients from car theft, Hyundai Motor America allowed them free steering-wheel locks. However, the number of thefts is still overwhelming, with 21,000 cases reported in 2022. 

The Hyundai Sonata (especially the model from 2013) is among the most stolen vehicles in the U.S. due to the social media trend. Similarly to Kia Optima, the majority of car thieves are teens who don’t try to keep the vehicle. 

  • Most stolen model year: 2013;
  • Auto theft number: 21,707;
  • Vehicle theft rate per 100,000 cars: 418.

#7. Honda CR-V

Most Stolen Cars in America - Honda CR-V

Selling Honda CR-V parts is very popular in the country. Due to its reputation and the high costs of the parts, this old auto is a common choice for criminals. Like other vehicles, Honda’s old models tend to be stolen more often than new ones. Lower theft protection is the main reason why those cars serve as targets. 

  • Most stolen model year: 2001;
  • Auto theft number: 13,832;
  • Vehicle theft rate per 100,000 cars: 432.

#8. Hyundai Elantra

Most Stolen Cars in America - Hyundai Elantra

The popularity of the TikTok trend has influenced the increase in the number of stolen Hyundai Elantras. For this reason, at the beginning of 2023, the company released an update that helps to protect the car from theft. 

  • Most stolen model year: 2017;
  • Auto theft amount: 19,602;
  • Vehicle theft rate per 100,000 cars: 363.

#9. Kia Optima

Most Stolen Cars in America - KIA Optima

The biggest victim of TikTok, Kia Optima, is the ten most popular car among thieves in the U.S. After watching videos on social networks, young people see how easily they can steal Kia cars. Therefore, an anti-theft software update was released in 2023 to help individuals avoid their car thefts. 

  • Most stolen model year: 2015;
  • Auto theft amount: 18,221;
  • Vehicle theft rate per 100,000 cars: 534. 

#10. Toyota Camry

Most Stolen Cars in America - Toyota Camry

The reputation, small size, and affordability of these car models make the Toyota Camry the ninth most stolen vehicle in the country. The auto does not have robust security features, which makes it attractive for individuals interested in selling its parts.

  • Most stolen model year: 2021;
  • Auto theft amount: 17,094;
  • Vehicle theft rate per 100,000 cars: 195. 

10 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S. for Car Owners

Auto theft may happen anywhere, especially if car owners do not comply with basic security measures, like locking the vehicle or parking it in safe places. However, there are cities where it is especially dangerous to own a car:

CityTheft number per 100,000 residents
Bakersfield, CA1,023
Denver, CO964
Pueblo, CO891
Albuquerque, NM710
Portland, OR680
San Francisco, CA675
Billings, MT611
Milwaukee, WI597
Seattle, WA582
Yuba City, CA578

In these cities, car owners should be especially careful and take all the necessary measures to protect their vehicles from thieves. 


Our data scientists created a list of the 10 most stolen cars based on the information from the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s reports. They compared the theft numbers during recent years to follow changes in the statistics.

By calculating theft rates per 100,000 BadCredify specialists, the frequency of theft of the top 10 car models was determined. They also found the most stolen model year for every car and compared statistics of all the American cities to explore the most dangerous cities for car owners.    

How to Protect Yourself from a Car Theft? 

When the number of stolen vehicles increases yearly, it is essential to know the basic things that can help you avoid losing your car. The main National Insurance Crime Bureau’s tips include the following: 

  • Don’t leave your valuables and keys in plain sight inside your auto.
  • Use GPS tracking devices, wheel locks, or immobilizers;
  • Install a security alarm in your vehicle;
  • Register the car in the National Motor Vehicle Theft Bureau;
  • Always roll up the auto’s windows;
  • Lock your car;
  • Choose well-lit areas with security cameras or guards for parking.


Statistics show that the number of car thefts is becoming higher and higher every year. Currently, Chevrolet and Ford Pickups top the rating of the most stolen auto models in the U.S. While there are specific security measures to decrease the chance of your vehicle getting into the thief’s hands, several cities, like Bakersfield and Denver, show incredibly scary statistics of stolen vehicles per 100,000 residents.