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Advertising Disclosure

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BadCredify is here to help people learn about different loan options and make smarter choices with their money. However, our readers must know that we aren’t professional financial advisors. We aim to give you helpful information so you can understand loan products.

We are transparent and meet industry standards, so you can trust what you read here. That way, you feel more confident when getting a loan. But every person’s situation is different. We suggest you talk to a financial expert if you need personalized advice.

Transparency in Advertising

At BadCredify, we care about being upfront and honest, especially regarding advertising or published content. People who use our site must understand that we might have partnerships or affiliates that make us highlight some products or companies over others.

Our commitment to giving people accurate, unbiased information will always remain the same, and no matter what, we won’t let any partnerships or affiliates compromise the quality or objectivity of the information we put out. Being transparent is our goal.

How We Support Our Site

BadCredify.com is a website for financial education and information about loan products. We use different methods to maintain the website and give users free financial information. We intend to earn money from affiliate links and ads on the site.

It’s good to point out that these partnerships don’t impact how objective BadCredify is. We still provide unbiased reviews and tips to users. We only pick affiliate products that are high-quality and genuinely relevant.  And we make editorial choices on their own, not to please advertisers.

User Responsibility

Users of BadCredify are advised to be responsible when using our website. Even though BadCredify gives information and ideas about financial matters, it’s up to each person to research things and make the best choices for their situation.

It matters because everyone’s finances are different, so what works for one person might not work for another. By pushing people to understand what they’re getting into fully. BadCredify is trying to help consumers make decisions that align with their financial goals.

Changes and Updates

We updated some old information on the site and detailed more about fixing bad credit scores, keeping tabs on your credit numbers, and getting a handle on debt. Our pros boned up on the latest helpful tips so you get the best information.  

We also cooked up some new tools to give people with poor credit a hand in getting their money straightened out.  Whether you’re looking for a credit counselor to walk you through it, need help merging all your debts into one, or just want ideas on building more substantial credit, we’ve got your back.

Note: We aim to keep things accurate, but financial trends change fast, and we advise you to swing back around to ensure everything is updated.  New lending laws are rising, and finance is going in and out of style. That’s why certain information might get less correct or valuable over time.

BadCredify aims to be upfront with readers. As an impartial comparison site, we want consumers to make informed choices, and some links pay us commissions.  But now, we give it for free because helpful information matters most.

Banks and lenders don’t make or check our content. We keep facts about rates, terms, and deals accurate and current. But no one’s perfect! Do your own double-checks, too.

We Value Your Support

Getting feedback and having readers join in helps make our service better. When people point things out or ask questions, it shows us where we can add more content readers care about. In the end, the reviews end up packing in more helpful info, so visiting our website becomes more valuable for people. 

We encourage you to reach out to our senior editor, Janice Myers, at myers@badcredify.com. She will be happy to address any questions or feedback you may have.

We’re just regular people here at BadCredify, not robots, and we want to be upfront that we’ll talk about our own experiences and share the research we’ve done to check out these loan products personally. But the financial situation hits everyone differently. What works for us might work differently for someone else. So we give the honest, complete picture in reviews to help readers make choices that fit their situation best.