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Editorial Policy

At BadCredify, we are committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information. Our editorial team does its best to create useful, valuable, and helpful content designed to improve our readers’ financial lives and help them make informed and smart financial choices. As we stand for transparency, we want to share with you key aspects of the editorial process and the policy it follows.

Our Mission

As an independent company, Badcredify strives to help its readers delve deeper into personal finance topics and make confident steps toward their financial goals. We believe that the articles, guides, advice, and reviews we share on the website can contribute to your financial progress. Therefore, we do our best to provide our readers with objective, accurate, truthful, and relevant information aimed at improving overall financial literacy.

Editorial Principles

Our editorial process follows the 5 key principles:

  1. Independence. BadCredify’s editorial team is not sponsored by any of our advertisers. We maintain a clear separation between the editorial coverage and our partners. Whether the team approves or endorses the content doesn’t depend on the commissions our business gets from financial institutions.
  2. Accuracy. From writing to editing articles, facts are always above our personal opinions. Our editorial process is designed to ensure that the content is accurate, informative, and well-researched. 
  3. Authority. We use authoritative and reputable sources when cross-checking the information. Our team consists of professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in the overviewed area.
  4. Objectivity. Our team remains unbiased throughout the entire process of creating, reviewing, editing, and posting content.
  5. Empathy. We’re here to support everyone, not to judge your financial situation and choices or make fun of them. Instead, we want to help you progress by taking the positive next steps.

Editorial Process

Let’s lift the veil of our editorial process! We want to show you how content is created and what stages it goes through before being published and represented to our readers:

  1. Article submission. Our personal finance writers create informative content and submit it to the editorial team.
  2. Internal review. The team of a personal finance writer, senior editor, and finance expert makes a thorough check to ensure the content is accurate and meets our high standards.
  3. External review. BadCredify also turns to reputable third parties, company partners, and external financial experts. This double-check helps us verify the accuracy of the information provided.
  4. Updates. If needed, the team of writers makes adjustments to the article. Some data, such as interest, terms, and other terms from each partner’s offer, are updated automatically to ensure the information is accurate and up to date.
  5. Publication. Once the article is approved by both our BadCredify staff and external experts, it’s published on our website.

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

We know that your individual background can affect your relationship with the financial system. Despite all the steps that are being taken to eradicate discrimination and racism in the financial sector, we know that not all people still have equal credit opportunities. Therefore, we not only highlight the real situation of what is happening in the financial sector but also contribute to eradicating injustice.

At BadCredify, we promote inclusion and racial justice in the information we provide. Our core goal is to produce content that will help vulnerable and underserved communities navigate the process and be aware of the potential pitfalls. 

How We Make Money

Our editorial team receives no direct payments from our advertisements. We only get a commission from the companies that post their offers on our website. This compensation can influence the manner in which products appear on this website, including their placement within listing categories. However, neither the content we publish nor the reviews we make on this website are influenced by this payment. BadCredify does not list every company or every product that is offered. We conduct thorough research before including the lender or its loan on the list.

Meet Our Editorial Team!

Donna Sanders

Donna Sanders

Donna Sanders is the CEO of BadCredify with a specific emphasis on personal finance, credit score, and investment. Her bachelor’s degree in banking and finance and extensive working experience in the lending industry contributed to creating an informative platform that helps borrowers find the best loan deals.

Janice Myers

Janice Myers

Janice Myers is a senior editor for BadCredify who writes, edits, and manages personal finance, real estate, and debt management content. Besides creating and editing content, she also develops content strategies and manages a team of 20+ freelance authors.

Larry Snyder

Larry Snyder

Larry Snyder is a finance expert for BadCredify and a former journalist with 20+ years of experience in covering business, finance, and the economy. As a part of the BadCredify team, he is responsible for creating and editing content related to personal finance and credit cards.

Laura Lopez

Laura Lopez

Laura Lopez is a personal finance writer and contributor for BadCredify. Prior to BadCredify, her works have appeared in such industry-leading online media as LendingTree, Nerd Wallet, and the Motley Fool. Now, she covers topics on personal finance, investing, credit cards, and student debt.

Ronald Silva

Ronald Silva is a personal finance writer at BadCredify with a strong focus on mortgages, personal loans, and small business financing. His articles help people navigate such complicated topics as homeownership, starting a new business, or managing personal debt.